SML Awarded Platinum UNH Sustainability Award

Monday, May 10, 2021
Photo of SML Parasite Ecology Intern working in the lab to extract parasites from a green crab
Photo by 2018 Sustainability Communications Intern, Katherine Gillis.

We are proud to announce that SML has been the recipient of a Platinum UNH Sustainability Award for our Sustainability Engineering Internship program. Environmental stewardship is a core value at SML, and the unique, hands-on training this internship offers helps to advance our sustainability initiatives and prepare the next generation of engineers. We are grateful to receive this award,  and we look forward to the innovation that lies ahead!

Thank you to our hard-working engineers, interns, and staff who help us meet the needs of our living laboratory island campus, and to our partners at Unitil for making our SEI program possible. To learn more about this award and other recipients, please click here