Shoals Marine Laboratory’s community of students, staff, faculty, alumni, volunteers, and supporters are drawn from the lab’s 50+ years of history and operation. SML’s alumni and friends are one of our greatest assets, and we take pride in their accomplishments. Explore the resources below to visit Appledore Island and catch up on the latest news!

Alumni & Friends Association

The SML Alumni and Friends Association is a volunteer-led initiative to engage the SML community. Learn more about how you can connect!

Alumni and Friends Weekend

A relaxing weekend connecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and exploring Appledore Island. Alum, faculty, volunteers, friends and supporters alike welcome!

Volunteer Weekend

Each year an army of volunteer cleaners scour the campus by washing windows, scrubbing floors, caring for and maintaining microscopes, meters and plankton nets, and more!

Artist-in-Residence Program

Shoals AIR offers artists the opportunity to pursue their work free of the distractions of everyday life, surrounded by Appledore Island’s inspiring landscape.

Newsletter Archive

SML's monthly e-Newsletter, The Island View, provides the latest news from Appledore Island!

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