Director's Welcome

Rocks and Water w/ Quote

"Appledore Island is a magic place...(it) displays the natural world as it is, sometimes raw, sometimes exquisite, always absorbing".

-John M. Kingsbury, Founding Director
   Shoals Marine Laboratory

For over 50 years, Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, Maine has been a proud leader in marine science education, research, and outreach distinguished by our top-notch academic programing and innovative collaborations.

Summer on Appledore Island is when our students have life-changing experiences and transform themselves from students to scientists. Across the Isles of Shoals students tackle the latest in solar power technology, learn to identify warblers and seabirds, hold mock wildlife crime scene investigations, dissect sharks and lobsters, count grey seals, band gull chicks, teach kids about starfish, search for evolutionary links among intertidal organisms, and generally, learn in an immersive and unforgettable way about the world around them and why managing it wisely is critical to life on earth.

But the reach of the wonderful one-on-one, immersive educational experiences that occurs for each student over a summer at Shoals Marine Laboratory extends well beyond the individual on our rocky shores. SML is purposefully creating scientifically literate leaders and citizens who will go into the world to increase knowledge and promote wise use of marine ecosystems, science, and sustainability. Through our extended SML community of students, alumni, supporters, collaborators, affiliated scientists we are actively addressing the growing needs of our life-sustaining oceans.

I hope you will come onboard to help SML continue to improve our programs and increase our reach. I welcome your valuable input and support to insure that SML continues to be a vibrant place and extraordinary experience for our students and scientists. SML is a trusted, effective organization that turns your support into real benefits for students, scientists, and the marine environment. We are a proud unit of Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire, yet as an educational nonprofit, we receive a significant amount of our funding from gifts, grants, and contracts. If you are a SML donor, we are grateful for your support. Your gift makes our far-reaching work possible. If you’re not a donor, please join us for a rewarding experience in promoting science education and marine conservation.