Marine Science for Teachers

Teachers Water Sampling
Water sampling.

An amazing opportunity for New Hampshire's middle and high school science teachers! Participate in an intensive week-long marine science workshop at the Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals, Maine.

Here's what teachers in last year's Marine Science for Teachers workshop had to say:

"This was the most rewarding experience in all the teacher training experiences I have had."

"There wasn't a moment on Appledore that we were not in a marine classroom. This is a full immersion marine biology program for teachers."


Grades 5-12 teachers in New Hampshire schools. (Sorry, not open to Maine teachers at this time!)

Workshop Topics

The workshop will explore how teachers can utilize inquiry-based marine science activities to address appropriate Next Generation Science Standards. Expect group projects, lesson plan building, and curriculum alignment exercises. Sample workshop topics and activities include:

  • Water quality sampling
  • Intertidal environment (abiotic and biotic factors)
  • How to conduct a transect survey of a habitat
  • Marine mammals
  • Plankton
  • Whale watch


$100 workshop fee includes: all meals, housing in dormitory-style accommodations, all supplies and field trips associated with the workshop, vessel transportation from the SML dock in Portsmouth, NH to Appledore Island, and professional development credits (CEUs).


  • Participants will need to cover transportation to the Portsmsouth, NH dock, but transportation to the lab and all other on-island expenses will be covered. 
  • Participants would need to reside on Appledore Island at the Shoals Marine Laboratory for the week (7 days, 6 nights). Depending on housing availability at the marine lab, you may be assigned a dorm roommate.
  • No university credit will be offered, but teachers will be able to get professional development credits (CEUs). The workshop will draw upon University of New Hampshire and Shoals Marine Laboratory faculty. 
  • Please visit our Getting to Shoals page for travel and transportation information!


If you are interested in applying for the workshop but have questions, please contact Mark Wiley at or (603) 862-6702.


Mark Wiley
Assistant Director for Marine Education, NH Sea Grant & UNH Cooperative Extension State Specialist for Science Literacy, Youth/Family. Mentor for undergraduates in SML's Science Education Internship and faculty for SML's Shoals Ecology adult education program.

Mark Johnson
Ithaca High School science teacher (Ithaca, NY) and faculty for SML's high school Marine Environmental Science course.


Event Type


Price is per person. This workshop fee includes room and all meals, field trips, supplies, round-trip transportation between Portsmouth, NH and Appledore Island, and CEUs.


(603) 862-5346
Marine Science for Teachers workshop