Rock Talk Seminar Series


Our Rock Talk Seminar Series is a long-standing and well-loved tradition at SML. Historically, faculty members and guest speakers would gather with students on Appledore Island's rocky shoreline (giving the Rock Talk series its name) to present on a wide range of topics related to natural history, ecology, biology, and more. To stay connected with our community following the pandemic, we transitioned our Rock Talks online and have featured guest speakers from across the world. Below you will find recordings from past seminars.

Please note: All Rock Talks begin at 8pm on Tuesdays for the 2022 season. You must register for the live presentations ahead of time, and all registration links will be shared on this page. We look forward to seeing you at our next Rock Talk! 

Introducing Our 2022 Speakers!

MAY 24, 2022 Dr. Sara Morris -  40 years of research at the Appledore Island Migration Station Watch the recording
MAY 31, 2022 Dr. Larry Alade - The Complexity and Challenges of Fisheries Stock Assessment and Implications for Fisheries Management

Watch the recording

JUN 7, 2022

Dr. Ian Owens - Bending the curve: Big data, citizen science and conservation

Watch the recording

JUN 14, 2022 Dr. Andrea Bogomolni - Seals and Society: Our Complex Relationship with Seals in the NW Atlantic

Watch the recording

JUN 21, 2022

Dr. Kory Evans - Evolutionary Mosaics & The Interplay Between Innovation and Integration

Watch the recording

JUN 28, 2022

Dr. Jim Carlton - The Age of Invasions Meets the Age of Plastics: How Tsunamis, Storms, Megarafting, Coastal Development, and Climate Change May All be Related

Watch the recording

JUL 5, 2022 Dr. Anna Davidson - An Artist Floating on the Sea: Work by Anna Davidson

Watch the recording

JUL 12, 2022

Dr. Catherine Mattase - Fear and Hiding in New England: Tales from Rocky Shores


JUL 19, 2022 Antoinette Clemetson - Marine extension: the overlooked frontier 

Watch the recording

JUL 26, 2022

Dr. Hannah Reich - Trace metal influences on microalgal symbioses and trophic interactions

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AUG 2, 2022

Peg Brady - A Path towards Sustaining Marine Ecosystems: Implementing Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management (EBFM) 

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AUG 9, 2022

Dr. Helen Cheng - Why people matter: Integrating stakeholder engagement in marine science

Watch the recording

Past Seminar Recordings