Marine Mammal Biology

Course Dates

June 11, 2018 to June 25, 2018



Equivalent Note

Cornell students: This course fulfills a CALS graduation requirement.

New for 2018! Additional Marine Mammal Biology scholarships are available for students outside of Cornell and UNH. Ask your SML Academic Coordinator, Dr. Liz Craig (

Course Description

Shoals students enjoying an amazing whale watch (photo by Jan Factor).
Harbor seals at neighboring Duck Island.

Introduction to the biology and conservation of the whales and seals, with a particular focus on species of the Gulf of Maine: taxonomy and species diversity, adaptations for life in the sea, foraging ecology and behavior, reproductive cycles, bioacoustics, and management of threatened species. Land and open-water observations of whale and seal behavior.

Internship prerequisite: This course is recommended experience for the Marine Mammal Internship.

"...after attending the Shoals course for Marine Mammals...I was able to learn about something that really interested me, and I am one step closer to my dream of working with and helping marine mammals." - Lindsay Spotts (SML'15, UNH '18)


Dr. Nadine Lysiak:

Lecturer, UMass Boston; Faculty, Marine Studies Consortium

Dr. Andrea Bogomolni:

Research Associate, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

In 2013, BioSM 1650 participated in the salvage of a minke whale carcass:

  • Watch a video made by Chad Crowley (SML '13, Cornell '16) for the student's perspective...

Stories and photos the 2013 BioSM 1650 minke whale adventure:

Course Video

Course whale watch from August 2009, just off the Isles of Shoals!



Course Numbers

Cornell: BIOSM 1650 (3 Credits)
UNH: MEFB 535 (4 Credits)