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Your support makes a difference!

Your gifts provide much needed financial assistance to SML students, allow expansion of academic programs, attract top faculty members, and help SML maintain a sustainable community on Appledore Island.

A gift to Shoals Marine Laboratory, no matter the size, will support:

1. Student Scholarships

SML proudly provides need-based and merit-based scholarships to all students in need. Help us make a summer courses at SML widely available to all interested students by giving to Student Scholarships today! 

2. Research Internships

Research internships provide unique fieldwork opportunities for undergrads, which improve their resumes and often their first real-world science experience. Support is critical to the successful training of these developing scientists!

3. Faculty Support

The courses offered at the Shoals Marine Laboratory are taught by leaders in the fields of marine science and ecology. Your support helps us continue to attract top-notch professors to help us train tomorrow's  science leaders! 

4. Island Operations

Appledore Island is located 7 miles off the coast. Between vessel maintenance, building maintenance, supplying our own water and energy - operating costs are understandably high. A donation to SML goes a long way to offset some of these costs!

5. Capital Projects

Boats and buildings are on our current list of capital project needs. Grants, foundations and private donors make these critical infrastructure upgrades possible.


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