Rock Talk Seminar Series


Our Rock Talk Seminar Series is a long-standing and well-loved tradition at SML. Historically, faculty members and guest speakers would gather with students on Appledore Island's rocky shoreline (giving the Rock Talk series its name) to present on a wide range of topics related to natural history, ecology, biology, and more. To stay connected with our community following the pandemic, we transitioned our Rock Talks online and have featured guest speakers from across the country. Below you will find a list of upcoming speakers, as well as past seminar recordings. Please note that you must register for these talks ahead of time, and all registration links will be shared on this page. We look forward to seeing you at a future Rock Talk!


When: Thursday, August 5th, 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM ET

Talk Title: Offshore wind, fish, and fisheries in the Northeast U.S. Shelf Ecosystem

Offshore wind development is advancing rapidly in the U.S. and around the world as the demand for renewable energy continues to grow.  Currently, in the northeast region of the U.S., there are multiple active offshore wind leases while on the west coast several other areas are being considered for development.  Offshore wind development can affect the biological, physical, and chemical environment of the ocean, and research on these topics is accelerating.  These impacts to the ocean environment may have significant implications for fish, fisheries, coastal communities, scientific assessments, and fisheries management advice.  This talk will explore potential interactions of each phase of offshore wind development (exploration, construction, operation, and decommissioning) on the marine ecosystem, highlight existing research on these topics, and examine potential ways to study these interactions.  Understanding how wind development affects the ocean and its living marine resources is a step toward the co-existence of marine renewable energy and sustainable fisheries. 




Bio Dr. Methratta is a fishery biologist on the Offshore Wind Team at the NOAA NMFS Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole, MA.  Her work focuses on understanding the interactions between offshore wind development, fish, and fisheries.  She works with regional, national, and international science entities on collaborative research and synthesis efforts and is particularly interested in impact study design and analytical methods.  She is an active member of the ICES working group on Offshore Wind Development and Fisheries (WGOWDF) which integrates the knowledge of the impacts that energy development has on marine ecosystems across its multiple member nations.  Dr. Methratta received her Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, her B.S. in Biology from Penn State University, and conducted postdoctoral research at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center.