Marine Environmental Science (1620.802)

Course Dates

June 24, 2024- July 8, 2024


Two year-long high school courses in science, and completion of grades 10, 11 or 12.

Course Description

This course is a university level course, designed for advanced high school students. Marine Environmental Science explores the diversity of coastal marine habitats and ecosystems and the tools scientists use to study them, with an emphasis on topics related to human impacts and environmental health. Virtual fieldwork will include explorations of the rocky intertidal zone, excursions to neighboring islands to observe seal and seabird colonies, and offshore trips to learn oceanographic sampling techniques and observe whale foraging grounds. Dive into marine science this summer and earn Cornell college credit.



Course Numbers

Cornell: BIOSM 1620.802 (3 Credits)

Sample Syllabus

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Mark O. Johnson, M.S.ED.

Mark Johnson portrait

Mark O. Johnson is an experienced educator with a passion for science and environmental studies. He has an extensive background in teaching various science courses at Ithaca High School and TST BOCES New Visions Program. Throughout his career, Mark has taught subjects such as Biology, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Oceanography, Marine Biology, and more. 

Mark designed and taught the Marine Environmental Science Course at the Shoals Marine Lab for twenty years and retired in 2018.  This course continues to be highly enrolled.  So Much so that he is returning to the Island to teach the course again.

In addition to his teaching experience, Mark has also been involved in instructional design, developing courses in Research Methods, Environmental Science, and Marine Science. He has contributed to programs at the Shoals Marine Lab, where he taught courses on Oceanography and Marine Environmental Science.

Mark's dedication to science extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by his work at the North Shore Animal League, New York Aquarium, Liverpool Animal Hospital, and Veterinary Emergency Clinic. He has also been involved in research projects at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

With a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Old Dominion University and a Master's in Science Education from Elmira College, Mark is well-equipped to educate students in a variety of scientific disciplines. He holds a New York State Permanent Teaching Certification in Biology, Chemistry, and General Science.

Mark's commitment to education is further demonstrated through his participation in various training programs, curriculum development projects, and consulting work. He continues to inspire and educate students in the field of science, leaving a lasting impact on those he teaches.