Frequently Asked Questions

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You can sign up for a course up to one week prior to the first day of the course. We recommend you do sign up as soon as possible to ensure you get a seat in the course.

Need-based scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis; that is, first-come is first served.
Merit-based scholarships have an application deadline!
Please visit our Financial Support & Scholarships page.

Merit scholarships are available to Cornell University students and Univ. of New Hampshire students only. There is a deadline for merit scholarship applications! Please visit our Financial Support & Scholarships page.

All undergraduate students are eligible for need-based financial support from SML.
Financial support for high school students is not available at this time.
Please visit our Financial Support & Scholarships page.

Undergraduate students may be eligible to receive summer financial aid if enrolled for 6 or more credits. The aid is in the form of student loans. There are other special situations that may make you eligible for summer scholarships. Please contact your SML Academic Coordinator. Students who do not attend Cornell University or the University of New Hampshire must check with their home institutions regarding eligibility.

We will do our best to provide undergraduate students with as much financial assistance as possible.

If you have submitted your request for financial support as per instructions on the Financial Support page and have not heard back from our admissions team, please email again, or call (603) 862-5346. 

Yes! Enrolled undergraduate students may work on Appledore Island before or after their SML course (not during). Must be 18 or older. SML alums who are not enrolled for the upcoming season can be added to a waiting list for open student staff spots. For more information, jump to our Student Staff page.

Visit our Getting to Shoals page for travel instructions!

Yes! Mail delivery occurs at least once a week. Mail must be delivered to Appledore Island on one of our research vessels, so please be patient. (There is no such thing as "overnight shipping" or "next-day shipping" to Appledore Island.) If you are expecting an urgent package, please contact the Appledore Island staff so we may be on the look-out!

Appledore Island mailing addresses (May - September only)
For all USPS mail (letters & packages):
c/o Shoals Marine Laboratory
P.O. Box 88
Portsmouth, NH 03802


For all FedEx and UPS mail (packages):
Shoals Marine Laboratory
c/o Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex
29 Wentworth Rd
New Castle, NH 03854

Call SML's Appledore Island Office: (603) 964-9011

Refund policy

Your course fee refund amount will be determined by the number of days from the start of the program that you withdraw. The room, board, and program fees are nonrefundable (this includes deposits).

Refund schedule (based on program start date):

  • Days 1–3: Withdrawal period with a 100 percent tuition refund
  • Days 4–5: Withdrawal period with a 50 percent tuition refund
  • Day 6: Withdrawal period with a 0 percent refund

To withdraw from an SML course:

  • Cornell and high school students must notify the SCE registrar's office and SML ( in writing.
    If you want to appeal the refund schedule based on special circumstances, please download and complete the petition form and submit it to B20 Day Hall. The form will be reviewed by committee, and you will be notified if your appeal is approved.
  • UNH and Other Undergraduate students must email the UNH registrar’s office and SML (UNH students should use their official Wildcat email).  Include your UNH ID and the course number/information.

    After the Drop Deadline: By petition only.

Have a question?

Email for help or contact an SML Academic Coordinator:

Cornell Students

Dr. Eugene Won, email Dr. Eugene Won

UNH Students

Dr. Gregg Moore, email Dr. Moore

All Other College and High School Students

Dr. Liz Craig, email Dr. Craig