Marine Environmental Science (online)

Course Dates

July 5, 2021 to July 30, 2021


Two year-long high school courses in science, and completion of grades 10, 11 or 12.

Course Description

MES night cruise
MES students on an evening sampling cruise.

This course is a university level course, designed for advanced high school students. Marine Environmental Science explores the diversity of coastal marine habitats and ecosystems and the tools scientists use to study them, with an emphasis on topics related to human impacts and environmental health. Virtual fieldwork will include explorations of the rocky intertidal zone, excursions to neighboring islands to observe seal and seabird colonies, and offshore trips to learn oceanographic sampling techniques and observe whale foraging grounds. Dive into marine science this summer and earn Cornell college credit.

NOTE: Marine Environmental Science (online) will run for 4 weeks, with synchronous and asynchronous class periods, Monday - Friday.



Dr. Laura Weber Gray:
MES Faculty, Dr. Laura Gray 

Laura (Weber) Gray earned her Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography within the Massachusetts Institution of Technology – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Joint PhD program in September of 2019. She is currently an adjunct professor at Massachusetts Maritime Academy and a post-doctoral investigator at WHOI.  Laura is a microbial ecologist and her research uses advanced approaches in genomic sequencing and metabolomics (the study of metabolites) to explore interactions between microorganisms and corals. Laura is excited to co-teach the Marine Environmental Science course at Shoal’s this summer and is looking forward to meeting the students! When Laura isn’t spending time in the lab, the field, or the classroom, she plays the violin/ viola, bakes sourdough bread, and tends to her garden.

Anjali Bhardwaj:
MES Faculty, Anjali Bhardwaj

After completing her undergraduate degree in marine science, Anjali spent the next few years working in animal husbandry as a bird trainer at Southwick's Zoo (Mendon, MA) and then as a penguin aquarist at the New England Aquarium. Through these positions, her passion for education and marine conservation continued to grow and led her to Boston University's Department of Biology. Anjali studied the growth plasticity of clownfish and their response to variations in anemone size. She graduated with a Master of Science in Biology and has since been working at Harvard Extension as a teaching assistant for marine biology and conservation biology courses and also as a science faculty at Austin Preparatory School, teaching marine science and chemistry courses. 

Course Video

Meet international high school student, Alina, as she shares her Shoals experience!


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Course Numbers

Cornell: BIOSM 1620 (3 Credits)