Artist-in-Residence Program

Artists have been inspired by Appledore Island’s remote and beautiful landscape since the nineteenth century. Students engaged in scientific study come to Shoals Marine Laboratory to unlock mysteries of ecology of the marine world. This shared passion for keen observation and interpretation of nature creates a natural collaboration between artists and scientists. To facilitate this partnership, SML has created the Shoals Artist-in-Residence (Shoals AIR) program. 

Wendy Turner

Shoals AIR offers artists the opportunity to pursue their work free of the distractions of everyday life, surrounded by Appledore Island’s inspiring landscape. Selected artists reside on the island for 2 weeks from May through August. Artists blend personal creative time with art programming for SML students by participating in SML academic courses. Course faculty and the Shoals AIR artists work together on the exact details of art programming before their island arrival. Artists may interact with several courses on island, but are not required to spend more than 50% of their residence time with students. We hope these collaborations to spark a curiosity for the both artist and students. Our specific goal is to cultivate and develop student’s observational skills in order to foster deep inquisitiveness and creativity in the process of scientific inquiry. Artists are immersed (on an island that has inspired countless artists, no less) into the scientific community and research activities that will deepen their understanding of the natural world, spark original ideas, perhaps some new collaborations, and also engage them in exploring methods to engage non-artists in the artistic process.

Program Details:

  • Housing is included in the program. You will have your own room and a shared bath.
  • All meals are included in the program. Food allergies and special needs can be accommodated.
  • Work space will be determined with each artist to best fit program, artist, and other needs.
  • Transportation from Portsmouth, NH to Appledore Island are included in the program. Transportation to the dock in Portsmouth is not included. More information about travel can be found here.
  • Artists are welcome to attend classes and interact with researchers. Introductions will be made by SML staff.

“As the years go by, we notice our students are increasingly prone to grab a photo with their phones rather than stop and really LOOK at things, and SEE them – yet those observational skills remain crucial to them as developing scientists. Your workshop was a great antidote: you clearly explained why drawing is worth doing even if you have a camera in your pocket, and then provided the students with some very practical skills they could apply right away in their field notebooks.” - Dr. Jessica Bolker, Instructor at SML

Read about Janis Goodman's experiences as a 2016 Artist-in-Residence here!

How to Apply:

Artist-in-Residence positions for the 2017 season are currently filled. 

For consideration for summer 2018, please submit:

  • Current resume or CV
    Childe Hassam
  • 1 page statement about what you hope to accomplish and achieve during a term in the Shoals AIR program
  • Description of your teaching experience
  • Names and contact information of two references who know your work
  • Examples of your work:
    • For Visual Artists, send 4 different digital images in JPG, PDF, or Powerpoint (Powerpoint preferred). File size not to exceed 3MB.
    • For all other mediums: An appropriate sample of your recent work (e.g., a brief manuscript excerpt, short story, article, poetry, etc. - maximum of six pages)

Submit these materials to, or send your application via mail to:

Shoals Marine Laboratory, Morse Hall Suite 113, 8 College Road, Durham NH 03824 

Limited availability, please apply as soon as possible! The application period for summer 2018 will close April 1, 2018.

2016's Artists-in-Residence:

Alastair Dacey’s formal training began at the Rhode Island School of Design. He then attended The Ingbretson Studios in New Hampshire, studying closely with Boston School master Paul Ingbrestson for over four years. To focus more closely on the human face and form, Mr. Dacey then went to Florence, Italy to study at the Cecil Studios. Mr. Dacey’s work as a professional has led him to open studios in Vermont, New York, Boston and San Antonio and most recently move to Portsmouth, NH.

Alastair Dacey Art

From the artist:

"My paintings and drawings are a response to natural forces and phenomenon. They are an exploration into the narrow, quiet spaces we find through more ephemeral and nonverbal experiences.  The works are composites of personal experiences combined in a nonlinear way. They function like dreams in that they combine these images in seemingly random ways. “Composite, Cod + Clouds”  started as a sketch at Shoals Marine Lab. The use of the Cod was the result of a lecture on fisheries. The endless sky and sea created the clouds and the sense of things flying was the result of the constant air currents and wind. The painting is 24” x 24”, oil on wood panel. 

In order to understand the needs of the classes I felt it important to imbed myself into the various courses by sitting in on lectures and talking extensively with faculty. I tried to understand what their students were looking at in lectures (content and imagery) and how I could facilitate bringing together a better absorption of all the information and experiences of their stay at Shoals Marine Laboratory. My time at SML has given me access to working with banding of birds and talking with the ornithology students, working with the marine mammal students and sustainable fisheries. Some classes utilized drawing exercises I devised, other classes were about looking at color, design, patterns and how we remember information. In another class I had the students design emojis to create a narrative of their total experience on the island. Most of my time as an artist in residence was about being a facilitator between what they do, remember and how they see. My own work as a painter was secondary to their experience. I used my free time to make quick watercolor studies, photographs and keep a journal of images and ideas.

I am a Professor of Fine Arts at the Corcoran College of Art/George Washington University in Washington, DC. I have spent much time on the coast of Maine including being an artist in residence at Acadia National Park. I have had the opportunity to be an artist in residence at Shoals in 2015 and 2016."

Janis Goodman art

Christopher Volpe is an artist, teacher, and writer whose work tends toward a sense of the poetic. Although academically trained as a poet, he discovered painting while teaching art history. He is a regular contributor to the magazine Art New England, and he has taught art history at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Chester College of New England, and Franklin Pierce University. 

Being and Nothingness (Appledore)

Previous Artists-in-Residence: