Tuition and Fees

This page provides a breakdown of tuition, room and board, and additional fees applied by SML's parent institutions of Cornell University and University of New Hampshire. Please see the bottom of the page for more information about room and board discounts for multiple courses! If you are interested in taking a non-credit course, please skip to the Non-Tuition Costs and Fees below.


Institution (per credit cost from issuing institution) Cost per credit
Cornell matriculated students (all CU matriculated students receive an automatic scholarship of $350 per credit) $1,360.00
Cornell non-matriculated students (high school* and college students from other institutions**) $1,360.00
UNH matriculated students $610.00
UNH non-matriculated students (college students from other institutions**) $860.00

* High school students enroll through Cornell University and will receive course credit from Cornell.

** College students from other institutions (non-Cornell, non-UNH) may choose to receive credit from Cornell University or the University of New Hampshire for a course at Shoals Marine Laboratory. You should familiarize yourself with the credit transfer process at your school when making this decision.


Non-Tuition Costs and Fees

Room and Board (per night rate)*

SML Lab Fee** $300.00
UNH Technology Fee (UNH/other college only)*** credit dependent
UNH Registration Fee (UNH/other college only) $20.00

* Room and board includes all meals on-island and dorm accommodations on-island. Students will share a room with 1-3 roommates. Please note, this is a “per night” not a “per day” rate. For discounts for students enrolling in multiple courses, please see the table below.

** Includes round trip transportation aboard SML’s research vessels between the SML dock in Portsmouth, NH and Appledore Island. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to/from Portsmouth, NH on the first and last dates of the course. For more details, visit our “Getting to Shoals” page. 

***Technology fee of $25 is for 4 credits or less. For students taking 5-11 credits, the fee is $48.75, and $97.50 for 12 credits and above. See UNH's Tuition Page for more details.


Room and Board Discounts for Enrolling in Multiple Courses

SML offers room and board discounts to students enrolled in multple courses. All students pay the standard rate for their first course. Students enrolling in a second course receive a 20% discount on room and board for the second course only; third course receives a 40% discount for the third course only; and the fourth course receives a 60% discount for the fourth course only.

First Course (per night rate, full cost) $184.00
Second Course (per night rate, 20% off) $143.00
Third Course (per night rate, 40% off) $110.00
Fourth Course (per night rate, 60% off) $74.00

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Financial Support

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for financial support, including need-based and merit-based scholarships, to offset the total cost of an SML course. SML also offers student staff positions on the island during the summer. Enrolled students may apply for these positions to work before or after (but not during) their course(s).