Volunteer Weekend

We are currently planning our summer 2023 season activities. Check back in February for details on our upcoming programs. If you have any questions, please contact us at shoals.lab@unh.edu. Thank you!

Volunteers help make the 'Shoals experience' a reality for its participants, and have been an integral part of life on Appledore since the beginning of the lab. Every campus building has at one time been re-painted, re-shingled, and lovingly maintained with the help of our steadfast volunteers. Each year an army of volunteer cleaners scour the campus by washing windows, scrubbing floors, caring for and maintaining microscopes, meters and plankton nets, and more!

Interested in participating in SML's Volunteer Weekend? Please email shoals.lab@unh.edu.

Children between the ages of 15 -18 are permitted to attend and volunteer with permission of the SML staff, and must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian). 

Volunteer Weekend 2015

Volunteer Weekend 2015 Gardeners

Volunteer Weekend Energy Conservation Building