Visiting Researcher Forms


Researcher Forms and Waivers

ALL visiting researchers must complete the appropriate forms and waivers before arriving at the dock in Portsmouth, NH. Please make sure all forms are completed (e-signature required) so that you are ready to get on the boat!

Recommended Packing List

Please refer to our Recommended Packing List when preparing for your trip to Shoals Marine Laboratory. It is important to note that weather on Appledore Island can be unpredictable; when in doubt, layer up!

Boat Schedule

You are responsible for contacting the Island Coordinator to arrange your vessel transportation to/from Appledore Island. It is important to note that parking is not available at the dock. Please reference the parking information section below. 

SCUBA Diving Research Application

Divers on dive float

Divers prepare for subtidal surveys. (photo by Jim Coyer)

Shoals Marine Laboratory is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).

Research divers must apply for approval to SCUBA dive at SML. Click on the link below to view/download the application:

  1. SML's SCUBA Diving Application
    • Forms must be returned to SML's Diving Safety Officer, Becca Toppin. 
    • Instructions for submission of forms can be found on page 1 of the packet.
  2. SML's Handbook for Diving Safety (required reading for all approved SCUBA divers!)

SML's Diving Safety Officer (DSO), Becca Toppin, is responsible for approving SCUBA Diving Research Applications. Contact Becca Toppin with questions.