Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Shoals Marine Laboratory is a world leader in the study, appreciation and conservation of sustainable, healthy oceans. Our hallmarks are experiential, place-based education, sustainability in action and innovative research to advance the understanding and protection of marine ecosystems.


photo of Shoals Marine Lab students learning in the field
Photo of Research Vessel John M. Kingsbury at sunset
photo of Shoals Marine Lab sustainable engineering interns 2016

Navigating into the future

Shoals Marine Laboratory's 2018-2028 Strategic Plan represents the contributions of more than 100 participants, spanning across our alumni, faculty, long-time supporters and university leaders, who participated in six workshops and online surveys over the past year. Participants helped to identify the strengths, challenges, and opportunities for SML. This community input was provided to a team of field station and marine laboratory leadership experts as well as the SML Executive Committee (comprising UNH and Cornell leaders) to help us formulate our vision and goals. In addition, UNH’s Office of Campus Planning undertook the interpretation of strategic goals into a master facilities plan. Throughout the planning process, five ideas emerged as beacons that will serve as goals for the next 10 years.

Beacon 1: World-class place-based, experiential and immersive science education
Beacon 2: Scientific discovery and application to today’s environmental challenges for the coasts and ocean
Beacon 3: Interdisciplinary and problem-based collaboration
Beacon 4: An engaged and supportive SML community
Beacon 5: Sustainability leadership

These beacons will anchor our strategic plan and guide our actions, investments and partnerships as we sail ahead into the next decade. We are excited to have you join us to ensure that SML rises to the challenge of meeting our goals and fulfilling our mission. If you have questions or suggestions regarding our plan, we hope you will reach out. Together we will ensure that SML continues to advance understanding, discovery and sustainability of the marine environment.

Strategic Plan 2018-2028