Surveying Sustainability

Course Dates

July 29, 2019 to August 5, 2019


SUST 401A and SUST 401B are corequisities.

SUST 401A is online and runs from July 1-26. SUST 401B is from July 29 - August 5 at Shoals Marine Laboratory.

You can enroll in both courses through the UNH registrar's office.

Course Description

SML uses a combination of wind and solar to produce electricity for Appledore Island.

Explore the history of sustainability and the varied and changing meanings of the concept. The online portion of the course (SUST 401A) will focus on the principles of sustainability in support of the long-term welfare of humans and the earth system.

SUST 401B will apply concepts learned in 401A to explore the ecological, economic and social aspects of Shoals Marine Lab, its unique human history and relationships to the resources of the Gulf of Maine.

When taken together SUST 401A and 401B count as the first course in the Sustainability Dual Major at UNH.

By the end of this course students will:

Explore the definition and history of the concept of sustainability;

Understand the ecological foundations of sustainability;

Examine how specific grand challenges in sustainability are related to problems in the ecological, social or economic foundations;

Identify and analyze sustainability case studies at local, regional, and global scales and;

Explore solutions to sustainability that address ecological and social components.


Dr. Vanessa Levesque:

Assistant Director, UNH Sustainability Institute

Dr. Levesque is the Assistant Director of UNH's Sustainability Institute and teaches the three core courses in the Sustainability Dual Major. She received her Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Studies from the University of Maine. Dr. Levasque's teaching and research integrate knowledge and methods from multiple disciplines, with particular interest in sustainbility science, collaborative governance, and institutional analysis. Learn more about UNH's Sustainability Institute here.

Dr. Cameron Wake:

Program Chair, UNH Sustainability Institute

Dr. Wake is the Program Chair for UNH's Sustainability Institute. Dr. Wake has extensive history investigating regional climate change through the analysis of ice core records and instrument data. He has published over 75 scientific papers and mentored dozens of graduate students. Dr. Wake has been recognized for his engaged scholarship and his willingness to engage with the public and the media on issues related to climate change and sustainability. He was awarded the UNH Faculty Award of Excellence in Public Service in 2010.



Course Numbers

Cornell: N/A
UNH: SUST 401A & 401B (4 Credits)