Ecology and the Marine Environment

Course Dates

June 27, 2022 to July 11, 2022



Equivalent Note

Cornell students: this course is equivalent to BioEE 1610.

Cornell students, this course fulfills the following requirements (just like BioEE 1610):

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to ecology, covering interactions between marine organisms and the environment at scales of populations, communities, and ecosystems. The course culminates with a field-based research project with students working in the intertidal zone of Appledore Island and test concepts and theories learned in the classroom.

Students taking this course will:

  • Gain knowledge about how plants and animals cope with environmental variation through a variety of adaptations;
  • Develop a basic understanding of biogeographical patterns of species distributions and the application of the theory of island biogeography;
  • Learn the major pathways and mechanisms of nutrient cycling and the human impacts on these cycles.

Internship opportunities: This course is recommended experience for SML's Intertidal Ecology InternshipAquatic Ecology Internship, and Parasite Ecology Internship.

UNH Open Aquaculture Sustainable Fisheries at-sea



Dr. Jan Factor:

Professor, School of Natural and Social Science, Purchase College SUNY

Dr. Rick Zechman:

Associate Dean, College of Natural Resources and Sciences, Humboldt State University

Dr. Christopher Wells:

Postdoctoral Associate, Research Foundation, University at Buffalo


Course Full

Course Numbers

Cornell: BIOSM 1610 (3 Credits)
UNH: MEFB 674 (4 Credits)