Boat Schedule

To make a boat reservation, contact the SML Office: or (603) 862-5346

Please note our 2020 calendar is still being populated and may not reflect all available boat times. You only need to make a boat reservation if instructed to do so in the proper section of our Getting to Shoals page.


Vessel Abbreviation Dock Location Abbreviation


R/V John M. Kingsbury POMO Portsmouth, NH
JBH R/V J. B. Heiser SML Appledore Island
ACE R/V Acipenser NEW New Castle, NH (* see note below)


* Please note:  Passengers returning to New Castle are responsible for their own transportation from the New Castle dock to their vehicle, if needed. SML does not keep vehicles at the New Castle dock that can provide shuttling services.

Unless otherwise indicated "DEP POMO" means departing Portsmouth and heading to Appledore Island. "DEP SML" means departing Appledore Island and heading to Portsmouth. "DEP NEW" means departing New Castle and heading to Appledore Island.

Vessels are scheduled to leave the dock at the times indicated on the calendar. Passengers should plan to arrive BEFORE the scheduled departure time!

If you are having trouble viewing the boat schedule information in the "Month" calendar view, use the blue tabs in the upper right corner of the "Month" view and select "Agenda" view.


 Use these  blue arrows ◄► or change the month  to view specific dates: