Appledore Store

Purchasing from the Appledore Store is currently unavailable as our staff are working remotely through the pandemic. We will resume store operations when we return to campus. Thank you for your understanding.

The Appledore Store is our small mercantile located in Kiggins Commons. Items for sale include Shoals t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats, along with Isles of Shoals cards, and books. Credit cards (MC, Visa, AMEX) and cash accepted for purchases made on-island!

Interested in off-season orders?

A small inventory of Appledore Store items is available through our main office in Durham, NH.
To place an order, contact Checks and cash accepted for purchases made off-island.

  • Celia Thaxter's Island Garden documentary film DVD. Produced, directed and photographed by Peter E. Randall tells the story of Celia and her garden, her friendship with American Impressionist Childe Hassam and other artists, and the effort made by Shoals Marine Laboratory founder John M. Kingsbury to recreate the garden 80 years after Thaxter's passing.
    $25.00 plus shipping and handling
  • Here's How We'll Do It! by founding director, Dr. John M. Kingsbury's comprehensive overview of Shoals Lab history.
    $20.00 plus shipping and handling
  • The Underwater Catalog by Coyer, J., D. Steller, and J. Witman (3rd edition; 2012).
    $20.00 plus shipping and handling
  • An Island Garden by Celia L. Thaxter, reprinted by Dr. John M. Kingsbury. This special reprint of the 1894 edition with Childe Hassam’s original color lithographs, a description of the 1977 reconstruction project, and an extensive index.
    $25.00 plus shipping and handling

Other online orders

To purchase a copy of Signals for Survival, see;
This is SML movie was filmed during the production of Signals for Survival!