Appledore Island

Appledore Island from above

Appledore Island is one of nine islands in the Isles of Shoals archipelago located six nautical miles off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine.

The border between these states divides the Isles of Shoals, with Appledore falling under the jurisdiction of Kittery, ME, and the islands to the south belonging to Rye, NH.

Beyond serving as the home of SML, Appledore Island has a rich historical background. Follow the links below to learn more about what makes Appledore so special!

Natural History

Appledore's rugged 95 acres of rock, scrub, and shore are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. From the glaciers of the ice age to the global warming of today, read a little about the natural history of the island.

Human History

A coastal Maine island with rocky shores, intertideal environments and unique terrestrial habitats, Appledore Island boasts a long human history dating back to coastal Native Americans and colonial fishing fleets.

Lab History

Founded in 1966, the Shoals Marine Laboratory has an interesting history going as far back as the early 1900's.